There are a lot of acupuncture clinics opening in and around London and the entire United Kingdom – how can anyone possibly know how to select the right acupuncture clinic?

Most people think that acupuncture is just about inserting needles in various fixed points of the body in the way a mechanic does to a car with tools – whilst this may seem true on first observation, a true acupuncturist has to go through a lot of studying and training before they can even insert one needle – and has to have very thorough understanding of the condition they are about to treat (as well as experience).

The above chart is the general list of the best acupuncturists in London, where the Eastern Scholars Clinic rates as our top choice due to a lot of factors – these factors are reviewed regularly, and they were last reviewed on the 1st of July 2018 – we will keep this date updated as we review.

Ranking Factors for the Best Acupuncture clinic in London

To understand the ranking factors, you need to understand about acupuncture to some extent. Acupuncture itself is filled with dozens of systems which acupuncturists use to treat a condition – for example, if there is smoke in the room, and you want to remove the smoke, you can either open windows, or use the exhaust system, or perhaps even place fans everywhere whilst having the windows open – this is how acupuncturists work – they look at a condition, and they choose how they will treat it – even a simple condition like the flu, can be treated many different ways with many different systems, with different levels of efficacy.

On top of all that – acupuncture has a sort of ranking system – because the Masters that dedicated their lives to treat patients were still different than farmers who learnt some medicine to treat basic ailments – these farmers were called foot doctors, who were placed in villages to help the community in China – the World Health Organization called this a revolutionary as it helped the country with such a large population, manage its health and preventive medicine.

Today, this is the most popular type of acupuncture, for general purpose pains – the advanced acupuncture training was never taught to the farmers as they held a different position to that of the Masters who dedicated their lives in acupuncture and clinical research of the time.


This is what qualifies our team to rate and review acupuncturists, based on their skill set, where they studied and their patient reviews and speciality – and this is why we have rated Eastern Scholars Clinic as our best acupuncture clinic in London, but not only London, but rated as a top clinic worldwide.

Treatments they treat vary a lot – and also depend on a case by case basis – the system of acupuncture used is the same system which the Acupuncture Masters practiced, a much more advanced acupuncture system – in fact, it uses all systems of acupuncture simultaneously plus more, at the same time to treat cases.

That said, it is important to say, that we mention this not to demote normal acupuncture treatments – because they are also very effective, but they do vary a lot because of the acupuncturists in question and their skill set (which is always the case, even in western medicine).

If you are not based in London, and are looking for an acupuncturist, how do you select one?

There are various factors to look at when selecting an acupuncturist – but it will be limited as these factors are just to make sure you stay safe, and to a smaller extent, effectiveness of treatments.

Effectiveness of treatments can only really be measured by reading reviews, and visiting the acupuncturist for a consultation and discussing your condition – not all acupuncturists can treat all things, and sometimes they specialize in certain areas as they go along – such as fertility or pain management and so on.

It is important to know a few facts about acupuncture before you visit your first consultation or treatment – these are as follows:

  • Acupuncture treatment should be effective from the very moment treatment starts – this means it should help you from the exact moment during and after treatment – not weeks or months later. For example, if you have constantly anxiety, and you got treated for anxiety – you should feel better from the moment you got treated (even if it did not 100% cure it) – if you don’t, then I suggest to change your acupuncturist.
  • Acupuncture needles do not hurt on most cases – there are some points used with intentional pain induction, but the acupuncturist should tell you about this.
  • It is worth traveling further for a proper acupuncturist, rather than going to someone nearby, who may not be that good or effective in treating your condition.

With the above knowledge, at least you are able to go to a acupuncture doctor that is safe – the other factors are common sense – to make sure the clinic is clean and your acupuncturist is insured etc.

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Best Clinic ever!

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Ive been suffering from chronic anxiety, which was affecting my heart and nerves at a very high level, and from day one, going to this clinic helped me, and now I can say I am symptom free. No western doc could help me, and they always said "its just stress" and had no idea what the problem was. Thank you Eastern Scholars!

E.scholars is great

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I use them regularly for my anxiety and other issues. very professional and effective treatments.

Thank you

5 5 1
Great place to go to get treatment. The best place I have been to whenever I feel like my body is acting up.