Acupuncture Benefits Skin – Listed and Explained

acupuncture benefits skin

There are two types of acupuncture when it comes to benefiting the skin; one is a lower level approach, which we will refer to as upper acupuncture for the case of explaining. This type of acupuncture benefits the skin in terms of balancing the facial muscles, to make the face look younger – over the years, our face tightens (internally) and this affects the outward appearance of the face, making skin slightly loose, or wrinkled – this upper acupuncture can actually help this condition – and is a safer and nicer alternative to botox treatment.

The second type of treatment for skin in acupuncture is a deeper level treatment. This will look at the way your internal organs are working, and work to resolve issues that are causing the body to age, or help renew the body into a more youthful appearance. This is a powerful system but is not very widely available in most of the world – but it does exist – please look at our homepage for the top acupuncturists who can actually do this for you.

The deeper type of acupuncture actually will provide a more permanent change compared to the upper level acupuncture. Although this depends on how well you take care of yourself, and things like diet and exercise, as well as the balance of your emotions Рyour acupuncturist should explain this to you; at least for the deeper level acupuncture for skin improvement.

How does acupuncture benefit skin in general?

Acupuncture simply improves the flow of energy and sometimes even adds energy to the right area, to improve a condition of the body, which will affect the way the skin and eyes appear; in terms of a more youthful appearance, brighter eyes.

Remember, it is important to find the right acupuncturist if you want to carry out any kind of cosmetic acupuncture treatment in the UK or anywhere else in the world.

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