Can Acupuncture be used for looking Younger?

acupuncture for looking good

Acupuncture has been used for health and pain killing for thousands of years – clinical experience is proof itself on how well it can work on serious conditions, as well as simple inflammatory conditions – it all depends on your individual acupuncturist and his/her skills and knowledge.

Acupuncture can surely help in many levels on improving youthful appearance – some is done on the facial muscles, which is the lowest kind of treatment – but there are much more advanced treatments, and they involve notifying certain organs and their energy – after all, your health is your youth – and your beauty is your health; there really is no other way.

Do all acupuncturists have this knowledge?

Not really – but they way to know who knows is by having a consultation, and seeing what they talk about and tell you about what they can do for you – they often give you an honest opinion on what they can do, sometimes, they aren’t sure if it will work, its often a matter of trail and error.

But isn’t acupuncture all the same?

Acupuncture is as much a science as it is an art – and its way to do it, varies, and there are deeper levels of acupuncture which are less common in the UK, as well as generally worldwide (yes even in China and Korea) – its such a huge area of eastern medicine, which includes herbs and lifestyle changes, as well as needles and moxibustion (burning of herbs on points).

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