How to Select an Acupuncturist in London


Selecting an acupuncturist in London can be hard work – because if you don’t know enough about acupuncture then how can you really select one, apart from doing a simple google search with your area in the search, there is very few ways to do it.

The UK has very limited legislation on acupuncture compared to the US, and does not have a full license system nor regulatory body that governs acupuncture – there are voluntary bodies but these are setup by the individuals and not regulated by the government or other authorities – although this does place some governing into the practices, it still isn’t enough.

So how does one select the right acupuncturist?

Going to just a Chinese acupuncturist does not always do the job – acupuncture is a huge medical system, and has hundreds if not thousands of methods of practice, and on top of that, it has even more micro methods – it is just as much an art, as it is an exact science.

Each practitioner of acupuncture is different and has their own way of managing the energy of the body – so this is why you have to know a reputable practitioner in order to get the best results for your treatment – the way you know them is by looking at reviews at authority sites (partly) as well as asking around and going in for a consultation and seeing how well you connect and understand what the acu doctor has to say about your specific condition and what they can do to help.

We will also be reviewing acupuncturists in London and placing them on our homepage for you to see the best acupuncturist list of London.



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